Wardi never wanted to be a photographer. He wanted to be a ballet dancer, a cellist, a painter, a sculptor, a hairdresser, a graphic designer, an art director, a mathematician, a retail manager, a marketing strategist, a virtual world builder… and even wanted to be a film maker.

It wasn’t till that sunny autumn day, at age 5, when Wardi’s mother “left” him with his uncle (who just so happened to be a very talented, if not but a tad bit eccentric, photographer) that his focus shifted. To shut Wardi’s incessant chatter, Wardi’s rather clever uncle gave him a fully-loaded Brownie STARMITE II to play with so that he could get on with his work; once Wardi looked through that camera, he never looked back!

While some may argue that Wardi left his artistic integrity in some backstreet Parisienne gutter whilst in the pursuit of academia at the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, no one could ever doubt his love of food (especially cakes!) and wine.

Wardi spent years hopping from one city to another; Paris, Singapore, Surabaya, Manila, Hong Kong, Zurich, London… before finally losing his senses completely and landing in the small town of Caterham-On-The-Hill in the UK. On a good day, you can find Wardi looking like the Wild Man of Borneo whilst walking “the Spotty Brigade” in Happy Valley.